Tuesday, September 15

It's official..

I am completely the worst blogger EVER! I haven't even taken the time to tell about us moving away to Missouri, Josh starting a new job and everything that's happened in between! Yes yes that's right, we've moved. All the way across the world (it seems like) to Springfield, Missouri. Josh was offered a position at Bryan College we just could'nt turn down. It's what he's worked 6 years in Online Education for. So we're here, trying to get settled and used to a completely way of life.. but a wonderful one! We absolutely love it here, and so do the kids :) It's been tons of fun and we've made some really great friends. I hope to start up my business again here soon, it just hasn't been my priority yet. So here's some pictures of just my kids enjoying themselves and what we've come to call home !! And I promise to keep up with my blogging from now on...

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