Thursday, October 23

{2 years}

Tomorrow is officially Aprils 2nd birthday but I had to take some pictures while I had the chance. We went to the park this morning while it was so absolutely perfect weather! And I got just a couple gorgeous smiles!

Wednesday, October 22

Circus time...

Okay this is just for practice, we are trying some new things tonite :)


I love love love Calli's little freckles on her face.. and again those baby blues! I only think one word... lovely :)

Monday, October 20


Wow! Can you see the giant orange light saber behind James? He hasn't put it down since his birthday party Saturday night... not even to use two hands to scoop the water out of the gutter!

Sunday, October 19

look'n for fish...

We drove up to Payson on Friday to get away for a little while and let the kids play. We stopped at the fish hatchery and the kids just couldn't get enough of all the fish, even swimming in the stream down the hill.