Tuesday, October 13

a couple more <3

I've had so much fun editing these pictures, it's the first session with April that I was really really happy about! Just thought I'd share a couple more :)

Soccer days have started!!!

So we finally get to watch BOTH our awesome little athletes play soccer this season. James is on the pre-K team and Calli is playing on the 2-3rd grade team. Here is just an intro into our Saturday mornings, I'll have to get some pictures Calli up this next week.. I didn't take as many this weekend, when we got to the field it was 32 degrees outside and there was ice on the grass!! I spent most of the morning bundled up instead of clicking away like usual :)

Monday, October 12

April <3 Mary Pig

I finally convinced April to go with me to take some pictures today, I was so excited :) We got her out some cute clothes, a super cute hat, the famous chair she's been waiting to use.. and as we headed out the door she ran back for MARY PIG!! This is the new favorite toy of the month, that goes every where she goes. It turned out to be lots of fun and April was totally into it today! Smiling, posing and doing all the goofy things I asked her to.. :)and ofcourse, threw in her own sillyness!