Friday, October 10

baseball baseball baseball....

So we finally got James signed up to play t-ball. All the little guys are just so cute running all around chasing the ball no matter where it goes and falling all over it. We spend as much time laughing as we do cheering. The first game still isn't for a couple weeks, so tons more pictures to come throughout the season :)

Wednesday, October 8


I LOVE LOVE those freckles and eyelashes. She's so gorgeous and so cute and I only wish I more time with her. She was a little hesitant at first, but I just know she had fun once we started :) Good thing we've got family pictures planned so I can squeeze in a few more of this cutie pie!! I can't wait to see you again sweetie, thanks for a fun weekend :)


See what happenes when one Auntie's making funny faces with one camera and one Auntie stands off to the side taking pictures with a second camera! We had so much fun this weekend getting all the cousins together to play and hang out and ofcourse... take tons of pictures! All of these gorgeous kids were so fun and they just played and played and laughed, which always makes for a perfect picture :)