Saturday, June 13

Baby A. in DC

This is my most very favorite little 1 year old baby girl in the whole world, baby A. I am having the most fabulous time in DC visiting my sister and brother in law and the whole time I am here, I get to use the most beautiful model ever :) haha, ok I'm a little biased! Lots more scenic picture to come, but I just can't stop editing the baby pictures first.. so here's some love!
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Friday, June 12


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This is one of my favorite pictures ever taken of me and my husband, thanks to the wonderful, amazing Shelly Ivy of Ivy Studios! Thanks again Shelly!!!

Tuesday, June 9


hahahahaha!!! I finally got a couple pictures of all my children together.. They aren't fighting, they aren't trying to run away, they are just standing together, even smiling! wow. miracle day today! So yes maybe I was threatening their lives and ready to pack everyone back into the car without playing, but it worked and that's what matters :) yeah for me!!

And one for fun :)

Monday, June 8

Cabe, Tracy and the boys...

This session was super fun, and such a amazingly cute baby boys! I do have a thing for boys you know :) Tracy was just baptized last week into the Mormon faith and so they wanted family pictures at the Mesa LDS Temple. They were such a fun family, I can't wait to get to more of their pictures! Here's just a few to start..

I'm so sorry guys your sneak peak has taken me so long.. but I finally got a few for you :) Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, June 7

more family :) LOTS of family!!

More from the family session I had on Wednesday night. Lots and lots of pictures to go through! We shoot for over 2 hours making sure to get every combination possible! It was definitely a productive night.

Grandma and Grandpa, still so very cute together....
And the hair and the eyes on this baby were just too cute for words :)

You know I have to admit, grassy spots are my favorite. I love when my families can get down in the green grass and play together... and the babies always seem to love it too!