Monday, June 15

I love this smile...

You know when you see that truly happy in love LOVE smile.. and this is it.
This makes my heart pitter patter :)

Sunday, June 14

*baby belly

Man I love prego bellies :) Especially when they are my sisters <3 !
And the look on my brother in laws face just makes me giggle, he's so excited and such a wonderful dad. He'll be blessed with a baby BOY this time, how could he not be?!

This picture is actually taken right in front of the Washington Memorial, you have no idea how hard it is to take family pictures down there without 200 other strangers in your backround! I think that's why I focused in on just them two for this one! :)

nothing much to say...

Alright I'll be honest.. when I make a post on my blog, I really can't usually think of much to say. I have a hard time putting my words together to make them say what I want them to say! So I'm thinking I am going to have to stop jabbering just to make small talk! I might just start adding pictures and not talking about it.. :) We'll have to see how that goes...

Like for example, there isn't much you can say about this beautiful face, don't her eyes just say it all? So gorgeous :)

This is what a 1 year old does when you ask her where her ears are :)!!!