Friday, October 3

{ Zoo Time }

The zoo is always one of our most favorite places to go. My kids are can never get enough of all the animals :)

Wednesday, October 1

Session Prices and Prints

So I've had some people wondering about prices and I know that the information is no where to be found on the blog so I though I'd go ahead and get it out there for everyone to see!! Hope this helps! And great news-- I finally have some super cute gorgeous custom Christmas cards for this year! I will have a sample of those as soon as I can...

$90 includes a 2 hour session and editing of minimum 50 pictures, and usually more!!

$170 for a session if you want a high resolution CD with your prints on it

4x6 $ 4.99
5x7 $ 9.50
8x10 $ 17.50
10x13 $ 38.00
16x20 $64.00

And there are plenty of other sizes available.
Call or email me anytime to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions.
Have a wonderful day :)


Monday, September 29

water bugs!

My babies just can't get enough of the water... once we get in, we're in for hours! But those smiles make every minute of sun and splashing all worth it!

Sunday, September 28


Calli's beautiful eyes are the first thing I notice every time I look at this picture... they seem to just stare right though whatever it is that she is looking at. She is just fresh out of the pool and I think a bit tired. But still the same, so beautiful :)