Wednesday, October 1

Session Prices and Prints

So I've had some people wondering about prices and I know that the information is no where to be found on the blog so I though I'd go ahead and get it out there for everyone to see!! Hope this helps! And great news-- I finally have some super cute gorgeous custom Christmas cards for this year! I will have a sample of those as soon as I can...

$90 includes a 2 hour session and editing of minimum 50 pictures, and usually more!!

$170 for a session if you want a high resolution CD with your prints on it

4x6 $ 4.99
5x7 $ 9.50
8x10 $ 17.50
10x13 $ 38.00
16x20 $64.00

And there are plenty of other sizes available.
Call or email me anytime to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions.
Have a wonderful day :)


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Erika said...

Darcy, you should put these as one of your side bar items! So it will always be handy!