Tuesday, February 23

Springfield Photographer's Play Date 2010

Meet Blake and Ashley :) So cute! Just one of our awesome couples that modeled for us Saturday at our awesome group shoot. 5 photographers, 1 videographer, 8 models and rockin' downtown Springfield. Some of the coolest locations I've gotten to shoot in yet! You can walk from block to block and everything changes. What a great experience :) See what you think!!

Sunday, February 21


I know, I know.. it's been FOREVER since I blogged last.. But I do have (somewhat) a good excuse. My family has always always lived in Arizona, and then in August of '09
we moved to Springfield, Missouri.. and lucky for us, this winter has been the coldest winter they've had in 12 years! More snow, more FREEZING days, more rain... MORE AWFULNESS! So the point of all this is, in November I came down with a horrible cold. .. seriously horrible. I was in bed for almost 2 solid weeks before I ever went to the E.R., then one particular bad night I decided I couldn't take it anymore.. and we went. Only to be admitted and kept in the hospital for 3 days and treated for pnemonia. After I came home, I spent another 2 weeks in bed, thank goodness my wonderful mother was able to fly out and save the day.. but after all that.. it's taken me months to get into the swing of things. This weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited by the coolest Jared Hoffpauir of J. Design Studios to join a "group shoot"! It was so great to get out again, shoot again, and have new friends again! :) All the models were incredibly gorgeous and all of the photogs were tons of fun to hang out with. I can't wait to do it again! Here's a sneak peak of one moment I caught of our fun-filled afternoon!