Saturday, November 8


I had a great session tonight with a super fun family down at Tempe Town Lake. It's been awhile since I've seen a couple that just enjoyed being together as much as these two did. They made my job so easy laughing and having a great time playing with their kiddo's. And these babies! What can I say, so cute! I have tons more to come ... I had to get a couple up because these were a some of my favorites! Thanks Kimberly :) Talk to you soon!

Friday, November 7

Jury Duty

Yes this is my day of Jury Duty, I ended up using my lunch break to walk around dowtown Phoenix and take pictures! I never got called into a court room so I was out by 2:30 and left to wait for Josh until 5. (he was choosen!) Anway, it was awesome! I never get to go downtown, so it was fun seeing what was a whole different side of peoples daily lives, than what I'm used to anyway. The traffic, the office buildings, and hot dog stand lunch breaks, the stinky buses ... and even trees and water fountains right in the middle of the mix. So despite not having the opportunity to fullful my patriotic duty, I had a great time just getting away from the usual and photographing something new :o) Which is always such a fun experience!

Tuesday, November 4

"my most favorite steps"

I love this spot at my Grandmas house, and the kids love to play right here.. so I catch some great looks :)

Monday, November 3

~Cal and Amanda

So I had the greatest time with my cousin Cal and his wife Amanda out in Laveen on Saturday. We hoped to find a really cool new spot but.. no dice, we settled for the front yard of my Uncle's house! Which actually turned out great. :) All I needed were these two beautiful faces and all their fun and teasing eachother. Too bad we didn't have more time, I would have loved to have gotten more, but .. once again.. we settled for what we could take :)

This one is definitely my favorite, it just shows how goofy and fun they both are!! They were so cute together :)

sisters... and mom...

We had a little family get-to-gether this weekend at my Grandma's house. This is my mom and her only sister with their mom, one of my favorites I got all weekend :)