Friday, December 19

Reynolds Family

I spent Thursday afternoon with the cutest family at the Mesa Arts Center. They were so fun all running around wild chasing each other, laughing, and just being kids :0) I love family sessions! (do I say that after every post??!!) I see this family every Sunday at church but have never really gotten to know most of them, so it was great to get to spend some time with everybody together. There are so many different poses and places, I just couldn't decide which ones to post, so I will probably have to add a few more in the next couple day!! Thanks you guys, it was awesome getting to share this fun with you :)

Wednesday, December 17

Just a couple more... ;)

Conner's children are so adorable, we had a great time... and I will get to do another session with them out at their house for some more fun, relaxed family time :) Can't wait!

Sunday, December 14

Conner and Alyssa

Yep, this is the so cute family that I talked about earlier! How fun were they?! I love family sessions and I especially love family sessions at the temple. There is such an incredible feeling being on the temple grounds and having the opportunity to enjoy it with a family, (my family) makes it so wonderful!

Ivan was such a great little model, I think he loved having his picture taken! And so adorable, I love that smile!
How great is this! Brotherly love :) Awesome!