Sunday, November 9

Lila... and the fam

I know Mom and Dad are going crazy to see more pictures so here you go... :) I promise I'm working, they'll be done soon !!

just for fun....

I just can't get enough of taking pictures of Calli! I get tons of practice and she gets to model.. which she absolutely loves :) We gave her this little beanie for her birthday, and she went crazy for it! So we decided to take a couple pictures and surprise surprise.. it started to sprinkle about 10 minutes after we got out to the middle of the dessert! But just like always it was done in about 2 minutes... so we took a couple more and came home. What a cutie :)
If you'd like to check out this awesome website with tons and tons of super cute beanies go to  ... or and search pdxbeanies  .. you'll love it!!