Wednesday, November 18

cookies. smiles. <3

April and her cookies, it just doesn't get any cuter than this. I had to capture the moment and share with everyone else just how adorable my baby girl really is ;)

Tuesday, October 13

a couple more <3

I've had so much fun editing these pictures, it's the first session with April that I was really really happy about! Just thought I'd share a couple more :)

Soccer days have started!!!

So we finally get to watch BOTH our awesome little athletes play soccer this season. James is on the pre-K team and Calli is playing on the 2-3rd grade team. Here is just an intro into our Saturday mornings, I'll have to get some pictures Calli up this next week.. I didn't take as many this weekend, when we got to the field it was 32 degrees outside and there was ice on the grass!! I spent most of the morning bundled up instead of clicking away like usual :)

Monday, October 12

April <3 Mary Pig

I finally convinced April to go with me to take some pictures today, I was so excited :) We got her out some cute clothes, a super cute hat, the famous chair she's been waiting to use.. and as we headed out the door she ran back for MARY PIG!! This is the new favorite toy of the month, that goes every where she goes. It turned out to be lots of fun and April was totally into it today! Smiling, posing and doing all the goofy things I asked her to.. :)and ofcourse, threw in her own sillyness!

Thursday, October 1


... for breakfast... two cuties just for fun!!

Monday, September 21


I wanted to take Calli out last Friday and take some new pictures of her and try some new spots. I haven't had the opportunity to take very many lately (like I do of James and April) because she spends a lot of her day at school and then doing homework and soccer! Well, when I mentioned this to Calli she got so excited because her and her friends had already talked about doing a "modeling" session together! I couldn't resist, she seemed so excited, so we picked up the girls and headed out for some new locations!! This is what we came up with, and I've very happy with the results :) Thanks girls for coming along and being my beautiful models !!

Thursday, September 17

~~sneak peak~~

Surprisingly enough April let me put a new dress on her and curl her hair and take a couple pictures of her today.. it didn't last long and it was honestly not the most fun pictures I've taken, but she is just so dang cute I just keep trying!! We went "vintage store" shopping the other day and came home with this adorable little dress, I have big plans for it, today was just practice!! Real "vintage" shoot to come soon! Can't wait <3<3 !!

Wednesday, September 16

two tigers...

Here's my two little ones being tigers in our jungle in the backyard! Yes we've been here over a month and this side of our 2 1/2 acres hasn't been mowed yet.. (not our fault!) So in the mean time, James and April think it is the best place in the whole city to play :)

Tuesday, September 15

It's official..

I am completely the worst blogger EVER! I haven't even taken the time to tell about us moving away to Missouri, Josh starting a new job and everything that's happened in between! Yes yes that's right, we've moved. All the way across the world (it seems like) to Springfield, Missouri. Josh was offered a position at Bryan College we just could'nt turn down. It's what he's worked 6 years in Online Education for. So we're here, trying to get settled and used to a completely way of life.. but a wonderful one! We absolutely love it here, and so do the kids :) It's been tons of fun and we've made some really great friends. I hope to start up my business again here soon, it just hasn't been my priority yet. So here's some pictures of just my kids enjoying themselves and what we've come to call home !! And I promise to keep up with my blogging from now on...

Thursday, July 23


One of my most favorite photographers EVER did our family pictures last night and I am so so so happy with the results!!.. ofcourse!! Just a peak so you can see just how adorable my honey and my kids are :) ENJOY!!! :)
Thanks again a million times to Tara Keator!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, July 22

my last family shoot in AZ!

Yes yes, I know .. crazy right?! I am moving to MISSOURI!! My husband got an incredible job offer and we can't wait to get there :) It's going to be horribly sad and hard to go, leaving family and friends, but when an opportunity like this comes along, you just can't pass it up. So I'll have more info soon, I just wanted to get a couple pictures up while I had a chance.. !!

Sunday, June 28

good ol'fashioned temple session :)

The longer I continue to process this session the more fun textures and colors I add ! This family is so dang cute, I had so much fun with them.. here's some more just to make me smile :)

This one I played with a ton, and finally decided on an old fashioned looking type.. I love the grain and the smears.

Monday, June 15

I love this smile...

You know when you see that truly happy in love LOVE smile.. and this is it.
This makes my heart pitter patter :)

Sunday, June 14

*baby belly

Man I love prego bellies :) Especially when they are my sisters <3 !
And the look on my brother in laws face just makes me giggle, he's so excited and such a wonderful dad. He'll be blessed with a baby BOY this time, how could he not be?!

This picture is actually taken right in front of the Washington Memorial, you have no idea how hard it is to take family pictures down there without 200 other strangers in your backround! I think that's why I focused in on just them two for this one! :)

nothing much to say...

Alright I'll be honest.. when I make a post on my blog, I really can't usually think of much to say. I have a hard time putting my words together to make them say what I want them to say! So I'm thinking I am going to have to stop jabbering just to make small talk! I might just start adding pictures and not talking about it.. :) We'll have to see how that goes...

Like for example, there isn't much you can say about this beautiful face, don't her eyes just say it all? So gorgeous :)

This is what a 1 year old does when you ask her where her ears are :)!!!

Saturday, June 13

Baby A. in DC

This is my most very favorite little 1 year old baby girl in the whole world, baby A. I am having the most fabulous time in DC visiting my sister and brother in law and the whole time I am here, I get to use the most beautiful model ever :) haha, ok I'm a little biased! Lots more scenic picture to come, but I just can't stop editing the baby pictures first.. so here's some love!
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