Thursday, July 23


One of my most favorite photographers EVER did our family pictures last night and I am so so so happy with the results!!.. ofcourse!! Just a peak so you can see just how adorable my honey and my kids are :) ENJOY!!! :)
Thanks again a million times to Tara Keator!! I LOVE YOU!!!


Erika said...

that really is a great pic! Darcy you will be missed! I am glad that I can keep in touch with you on your blog!

brenda said...

Oh Darcy! that is too bad you are having to leave Arizona, but I am so glad that your husband got a good job offer. I have been to Missouri a couple times and I just thought it was such a beautiful place, such a green place in the summer. I think it would be an incredible place to photograph and I bet your business will do really well there. I will keep up with you via your blog. Best of everything to you!

this photo by Tara of you and your family is so sweet!