Friday, September 19

What a beautiful family :)

I met this wonderful family who wanted to have pictures taken in order to celebrate their daughters adoption! What a special day it was for them. Bethany has been with the family since she was born but they made it official Tuesday at the court house. And they were lucky enough to celebrate with Grandparents and and Auntie. All the kids were so tired, Mom just wanted to get at least ONE good picture with everyone together, we definitely accomplished that goal :) Plus a few extras!

Bethany just couldn't get enough of those ducks! I couldn't hardly get her to even look away from them. They were about the only thing that could get her to smile :)

Sunday, September 14

!!!!Wanna Play BALL???!!!!

So this was by far one of the funniest spur of the moment photo shoots I've done so far! My family was all going out to dinner at a restaurant in Phoenix and me and JoBeth went in my car. Well we were a little early so we were trying to find somewhere to take a couple pictures.. then I saw it; this HUGE wall with these HUGE pictures of people playing sports. I was dying laughing before we even parked the car and got out. JoBeth is always such a good sport, I knew it would be awesome! I ended up taking over 30 pictures, and these were some of my favorite!! So here is our silly night wasting time in downtown Phoenix on a Saturday night :)