Wednesday, March 25

~~little boy smiles~~

I had such a great time the other night getting to meet up with an old friend from way way back!! It's been over 13 years since I have seen her, we went to girls camp together!! When she found me on Facebook I was sooo excited, only to be dissapointed to see she had just recently moved to California. I guess it's a good thing all her family is here, she came back to visit and we had the opportunity to meet up to hang out and do a 4 year old birthday session with her gorgeous son Easton. He was tooo cute! :) I just love this little guys personality!

Dad wasn't able to come visit this time so I thought I'd take a minute and see how much this little guy missed his daddy! This is him telling me all about what daddy was doing at home...

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Susanne ~ Mike ~ Easton said...

you're so sweet! i missed this post're such a great friend and even though it was a quick visit I'm SO GLAD that we got to catch up a bit!!! Thank goodness for technology!! you're an amazing photographer and i love all the pictures you did!!! Love ya!