Friday, April 17


Ok guys here's my first give away on the blog!! Alright I know this is last minute.. but I would love to have some fresh faces in my portfolio and do something fun tonight!!! First person to respond gets a free session tonight, for ANYTHING!!! Maternity, engagement, family, seniors.. .. !! You name it, but let's be different! Let's think of some crazy ideas and a crazy location !!! I need a break from my everyday stresses :) Hurry up and get your entries in!! I will get back to the first that responds and I can't wait to hear your ideas!!!.................................

Just a picture of my mom playing with my babies at the park.. what a fun day, these are my favorite kind of pictures.. perfect natural smiles, everyone enjoying themselves.. EMOTION!!


Jill said...

Darcy!!! We would love a free session ~ the question is WHERE?? My MIL lives down off the VERY edge of the desert in Ahwatukee, little boys + bugs & wild flowers could make for a cool little boy photo shoot? Thoughts? (602) 525-4562! THANKS!

Jill said...

IN the petting zoo part OF the zoo? with a bunch of honkin' animals??