Monday, November 17

Williams Family

I has the awesome chance to take my sister and brother in law and their so so so cute little guy to do family pictures yesterday... a friend photographer told me about this new spot that we got to try out and it was tons of fun. Lots of trees and plenty of grass, a great place just hang out and run wild! He had the greatest time playing football... until he threw the ball right over the fence (on purpose too!)
Yep.. there's the ball, right on the other side! Poor kid. We had to leave it there, that fence was a little too rickedy to be climbing over..
But I have tons more pictures, I am only about half way through editing them, so more to come soon :)


Anonymous said...

you are THE awesomest bird!!

Anonymous said...

im soo excited to put these pictures in our house. i love them!

Cristi said...

so fun! where is this at?