Wednesday, September 10

I love you Grandpa

There are a few things my grandma keeps at her house these days that for some reason have a little special meaning behind them (to me anyway!). She has her husband and wife praying pictures she hangs above her dining room table, she has some drinking glasses, her old goody hat she used to wear... just small things that remind of memories from my childhood. This homemade shoehorn is one of them. My grandpa died almost 20 years ago and this was one of things that was displayed in their home because one of their sons made it for him. His name is Ivan, which is who my son is named after (James Ivan) I can remember seeing in the house for forever ... and still today I saw at my grandmas (reminding me of grandpa) and couldnt resist taking a couple pictures of it. Just for sentimental value, hopefully my sisters and cousins see it and feel the same way I do about it...

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